Crafting excellence, sustainably and locally made quality

Our journey begins with building exceptional products that not only captivate with design, quality, and functionality but also align with eco-friendly principles. With unwavering commitment, we innovate sustainably and proudly uphold the 100% Australian Made legacy.


Crafted In Geelong Victoria.

Goomo Principles:

Building the best Product:

We strive to create exceptional products that exceed expectations in terms of design, quality, and functionality. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously innovate and improve.

Sustainability in sourcing:

We prioritize eco-friendly practices, and sustainably sourcing materials to minimize our environmental impact. By choosing sustainable sourcing methods, we ensure that our products contribute to a healthier planet.

100% made in Australia:

We take immense pride in our Australian heritage and manufacturing. We look to source as many of our materials from within Australia, even having several of our merino fabrics made specifically for us here, we love supporting local communities and businesses! By keeping these key ingredients local, we maintain the quality and authenticity of our products.

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Kez At Market

“I started Goomo to fill the gap in Australian-made products, and it’s fantastic to see how much people love what we offer! The support and love I’ve received from our customers has been absolutely amazing.  At Goomo, we’re all about creating products that truly embody Australian craftsmanship, quality, and authenticity. The positive response from our customers fuels our passion to keep bringing products that proudly scream “Australian made!”




Recent Customer Reviews

Limited Edition! Buffalo Plaid

This is the second time I have purchased socks from Goomo. I was lucky enough to win my first pair in an Instagram competition 3 years ago and I bought another 2 pairs myself when I discovered the quality and comfort of these socks. They get worn every week and are still going strong. My favourite socks. I ordered 2 more pairs when I saw the colours available in these limited-edition socks.

Joanne M.

Love this, saw it at the “Sheep & Wool show”, the colour, feel & fit are all great💕

Lyn F.