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Australian Merino Wool

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Our socks are made in Australia, and feature the very finest quality Superfine Australian Merino Wool. 

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Why Australian Merino?

Our socks are proudly made in Australia using superfine Australian Merino Wool, and as such, are one of a kind. Our socks use the best quality superfine merino, and come in a range of fun colours and designs. Merino wool is naturally innovative and is extremely versatile and comfortable.

Natural, Renewable and Biodegradable:

  • Wool is a natural fibre that grows all year round, making it a renewable, endless, resource. It uses natural resources to be grown, and is biodegradable so that when it is disposed of, it naturally decomposes into the soil, releasing nutrients back into the earth.

Warm and Insulating: 

  • Wool is a great natural insulator. It has an amazing ability to keep sheep both cool and warm as required in the fluctuating environmental temperatures, and thus, is the perfect material to wear. The natural crimp of wool fibres is retained through processing, and is responsible for the fluffy texture of wool. This creates tiny air pockets in the garment, which traps warm air and in turn keeps you warm and insulated! In socks especially, this natural crimp has another bonus, helping to maintain elastic properties of the wool that allow the socks to keep their shape, adding comfort and making for easy washing.

Breathable and Cool: 

  • Wool is also renowned for its ability to wick moisture away from your skin. The surface of wool is hydrophobic, meaning it naturally repels water, and the inside of the fibre is hydrophilic, and can hold water, meaning that wool can hold moisture without you even feeling it. Wool is also one of the most breathable fibres. This combination makes our socks cool and comfortable for every temperature. 

Superfine and Soft:

  • Merino sheep can grow a variety of wool, including coarse, medium, fine and superfine wool textures. Each has important characteristics, however, superfine merino wool shines in its soft and gentle texture. Superfine merino wool is a beautiful fine wool, and is worn comfortably next to skin whilst retaining strength and durability. 

Wrinkle, Odour and Stain Resistant: 

  • Wool is a naturally tough and versatile fibre. The absorbent properties of wool mean it can draw moisture and sweat away from your body, combatting odour.  It is naturally wrinkle and stain resistant, making is easy to care for and ideal for socks.

These unique qualities of Australian Merino Wool make it ideal for socks. Our socks are comfortable and durable, colourful and stylish. Our designs are unique and aim to bring an interesting pop of colour to your wardrobe whilst being versatile and classy. 



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Superfine Australian Merino Pink Natural Navy

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