At Goomo, we have a deep sense of pride in handcrafting Australian-made ladieswear, babywear, and socks. Our mission is straightforward: to bring joy with our exquisitely designed and impeccably manufactured products. And let’s not forget, that everything we create is proudly Australian-made. We prioritise both quality and sustainability, ensuring that our items are visually stunning and made with sustainable materials right here in our Geelong home studio. With our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and sustainable practices, we aim to offer you products that exceed expectations. Discover the joy of our meticulously crafted creations and experience the best of Australian design and quality.


“I started Goomo to fill the gap for Australian-made products, and it’s fantastic to see how much people love what we offer! The support and love I’ve received from our customers have been absolutely amazing. At Goomo, we’re all about creating products that truly embody Australian craftsmanship, quality, and authenticity. The positive response from our customers fuels our passion to keep bringing products that proudly scream “Aussie made!”” – Kez: Goomo Founder


All About Goomo?

Founded in 1998, Goomo initially made its debut at the local Queenscliff market. Since then, we have expanded our reach, travelling across the south and east of Australia to showcase and sell our Australian-made products. Moreover, we have embraced the digital realm, offering online sales and international shipping for added convenience.

1998 Queenscliff Market
Goomo’s Debut Market

The founder of Goomo, Kez Jarecki, pursued her passion for fashion design and graduated with an Associate Diploma in Fashion Design and Production from The Gordon in Geelong.  After completing her studies, Kez ventured into the commercial fashion world and then returned to The Gordon, completing an Advanced Diploma in Vocational and Education Training in order to teach within the Fashion Department.  Her vocation only deepened her appreciation for Australian-made products; recognising the disparity between the quality of locally-made products and imports, Kez decided to bridge this gap.

Goomo came to life in 1998 in a small home studio, where she tirelessly sewed garments using around seven industrial machines. This marked the birth of Goomo, driven by the vision to offer high-quality Australian-made products that could rival their imported counterparts.

Once the products were ready, Kez sought a helping hand in selling them, and that’s where her husband, Ted, stepped in. With his can-do attitude, Ted had a knack for bringing to life any display Kez envisioned. Together, they became a formidable team, driving the success of the small business.

Fast forward to now and Goomo’s business is refined and focused. To keep up with success, Kez and Ted’s twin daughters add skills to sales, production, and marketing. Both pursued qualifications in marketing and visual arts, enabling them to contribute beautifully! With the family’s combined talents and expertise, Goomo is poised for even more exciting developments.

About Us

Goomo’s core values are centred around three key principles:


At Goomo, our core values shape everything we do. We proudly create Australian-made socks, babywear, ladieswear, and accessories. Our passion for superfine Australian Merino wool drives us to craft unique and exceptional products. To help keep those toes cozy and warm during winter. Our creations are of high quality and comfort, making them special additions to your wardrobe or your little one’s collection.