Merino Fingerless Mittens – Grey


Merino fingerless mittens – grey.  Superfine Australian Merino.


Our grey merino fingerless mittens are hand made by me in our home studio in Geelong.

Each pair is firstly hand made and then hand dyed, these are truly a hand made item.

These cute mittens make a fabulous gift (even for yourself).

The fabric is called a sports wool.  It is a double layered fabric, the outer layer is 100% merino wool and the inner polyester.

This fabric is pretty special!  It is an engineered fabric meaning it has all the cool stuff needed to make groovy goomo, altogether lovely to wear, mittens:

  • the wool is super breathable, keeps you warm in winter and breaths really nicely for warmer days;
  • fabric is made with superfine Australian Merino wool;
  • the fabric is not bulky and the mittens are a lovely lighter weight to wear;
  • the inner layer gives flexibility and also adds stretchiness, very comfy;
  • combining the fibres gives strength and therefore longevity to the fabric;
  • developed for high wick ability – hands don’t get clammy;
  • the fabric dyes into an extremely gorgeous finished colour;

I make these merino fingerless mittens in just the one size. I designed the pattern to fit a wide range of hand fittings, from a teenage girl to a senior person.   I’ve seen these many hands now, of all different shapes and sizes, they seem to fit just about all hands nicely!

They are great!  Lots of customers like to tell me where and how they wear them:

  • Driving gloves – keep that sun off your hands when you’re in the car;
  • Golf gloves – they’re light, your hands are warm and you still have the fingers exposed for grip;
  • Teachers on yard duty;
  • Fellow market stallholders, when setting up on those chilly mornings;
  • Fellow market stallholders, all day long!
  • Walking the dog;
  • Anywhere, anytime!  I’m sure you’ll love these!

Let me know where you wear yours once you get a pair!

If you love these grey merino fingerless mittens, check out our other colours, here’s the link to our merino blue and rust fingerless mittens.

We trade at many markets, both locally and further afield.  If you would like to know which markets we will be at next, follow us on our instagram page here.

Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 1.5 cm

One size


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